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Released 04/18/2020

Key Changes

Notable Features

  • Purchase lockpicks from the store and use them to break into locked cars
  • New weather system for custom region based weather
  • /screentodiscord a command that allows you to instantly send a screenshot from ingame to discord.
  • Farming job, farm wheat, process it into flour and take it to the wholesaler to sell it.
  • Special Easter Event

Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks

  • Weapons have tuned recoil patterns
  • Starting cash raised to 60000
  • NPC Tow truck service enabled
  • Gym service enabled
  • Golf service enabled
  • Airport service enabled
  • Ability to carry people enabled
  • Ability to piggyback people enabled
  • Stretcher service enabled
  • StreetScope available for all helicopters and planes ( /ss )


  • Removed centimeters in character registration form to avoid confusion
  • Testing Mumble voip service, No external client required

Bug Fixes

  • Allowed dropping and giving of items
  • Properties now allow inventory to be taken out
  • Properties are now sell-able
  • Fixed tuner laptop break force not changing


About Roleplayworks

Roleplayworks looks to bring a fair and long term roleplay experience to gamers. Our current projects include:

Los Santos Roleplay is a serious roleplay provides a serious and immersive voice roleplay using FiveM © in the San Andreas world.

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