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Released 06/17/2020

Key Changes


  • Discord: Ping sent to the @Server Connections on our Discord when a player connects to the server.
  • Vehicles: Added nice door chime when door is open.
  • Vehicles: Lock position of wheel turn when exiting vehicle.
  • Benny's:  Modified interior to better suit roleplay.


  • LSRP Base: Improvements to key detection.

Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks

  • Hospital: Changed black market surgeon to Sandy Shores Medical.

Bug Fixes

  • GSR Test: Fixed a lot of non-GSR weapons & melee weapons causing a GSR to return positive.

About Roleplayworks

Roleplayworks looks to bring a fair and long term roleplay experience to gamers. Our current projects include:

Los Santos Roleplay is a serious roleplay provides a serious and immersive voice roleplay using FiveM © in the San Andreas world.

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