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  • Fleeca Bank [Loans]

    Tommy Bear
    • Long Term

    What is the suggestion:

    Have the possibility for citizen to take out a loan, up to 250k from a banker, each client who applies for a loan, should have a place of residence (purchased) or a car (purchased),

    each client who is accepted should have a loan portfolio and it banker should be able to see what is the outstanding balance

    Client and banker agrees on weekly pays (in game week time) of how much will be withdrawal from the account that banker could set up as a number

    If client does not pay, the bank tries to withdraw 3 times, which after it gives a prompt to the banker action menu for client portfolio of loans that it has not paid which after he would issue a 1 - 3 warning letters to the client (either trough SMS or Discord) and after no response the Banker can go to cort to proceed with the manner.

    Preferably this would be done when the player is online so for RP, if the cort decides to reposes their property it would be transferred within serifs department for repression and return to bank, which we afterwards could sell it to other people.

    What are the advantages? (List each in new line)

    Have a option for people to get what they want, new car, new house, new boat,

    Involves RP if client does not pay and have involvement of Cort and police

    If repression is done, then the item is being sold back to players who wishes to buy it, for example a car can be reposesed and bank goes to PDM for evaluation of a price before selling paying PDM for evaluation of car.

    What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line)

    Admin work possibly,

    Implementation of cash drawback opposite of salary

    Maybe be hard to implement

    Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion?

    Loans would be applied with interest fee which is calculated by weeks - if loan takes 1 week then APR is 17% if loan is taken to 2, 3, or months then APR can go up to 20 %

    How would you go about implementing this idea?

    Additional section for bank action menu which would be Loan issued, where putting similar like in Investment, you put a sum of what you wish to pay then add APR and then put how much willing to pay weekly and how many weeks and press submit and cash gets transferred to client.

    Cash gets withdafter from clients account on set given time.


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