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  • Taxes & Government Budget

    • Open

    What is the suggestion:

    The government will have tax income from the following sources: income, sales, property, corporate, and other. The government will then decide on a budget, based on a vote. The budget will affect each department and their ability to pay their expenses. Each department head will be able to have a say in their budget but it will be decided, but the budget will be created by the government. This would be conducted every two months by the government.


    For a state government:

    1. Governor's Proposal
    2. Hearing by Legislative Budget Committee
    3. Sub-Committee Hearings (San Andreas Department of Finance, Legislative Analyst's Office, and State Agencies)
    4. Governor's Updated Revenue Forecast (if needed)
    5. Hearing Legislative Conference Committee (3 members from each house) [not open to the public]
    6. Legislative Conference Committee's Compromise
    7. Vote by State Assembly
    8. Vote by State Senate
    9. Governor's Signature or Veto


    For a county government:

    1. County Administrator's Proposal
    2. Board of Supervisor's Hearing & Vote
    3. Adopted Budget or Updated Budget by County Administrator 
    4. Submission to State Government


    For a city government:

    1. City Mayor's Proposal
    2. City Council Hearing
    3. Adopted Budget or Updated Budget by City Mayor
    4. Submission to State Government


    What are the advantages? (List each in new line)

    • Creates realistic economy system for the government.
    • Allows players to hold their government accountable and more demand to vote.
    • Allows for a in-depth, fair, and organized budget system.
    • Creates realism and immersion for players to roleplay the hearings.


    What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line)

    • Can be a long process depending on efficiency.
    • Can be a lot of paperwork and financial skills required.


    Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion?

    I do not.


    How would you go about implementing this idea?

    Create a government structure and official processes for government activity. To decide to have state, county, and/or city governments. To make it simple, I believe it would be easy to implement only a state government with state agencies.

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    User Feedback

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    Thanks for putting in time with your idea, it's something we've thought about for a while, but the issue is with getting numbers.  Ideally, I've thought of having people in charge of portfolios like public service, infrastructure, emergency, tourism, health, etc. which would be the middle between players and game administration. Budgets are definitely something we've thought about as well, but we need a robust economy first and systems in place, like tax, etc. that gets fed back into the cycle.

    The main issue with all of this though is having player numbers to be able to manage this, so I suppose when we get to that stage and have enough interest in a government, we could revise this.

    Would definitely like the communities thoughts on this though.

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    Yeah I think it would have to be modified and maybe implement only a state government to keep it simple and not as much players. 

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