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    Yes, more amber lights!
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    Seatbelt is still a WIP and is enabled every now and then for testing. We are aware this conflicts with an existing menu, and will be resolved before release. Thanks though!
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    Definitely love this idea, we do have skills planned, where your stats increase based on what you're doing, like running, swimming, etc. the gym would obviously help increase these at a slightly faster rate, and make powergaming characters less of an issue. Already on the roadmap!
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    This sounds familiar... 🤔 We definitely are looking at this, and will put out a poll to gather feedback in the future. As such, I'll go ahead and close this idea, but watch the announcements!
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    You can already do some of this with the M Menu, but I agree with adding commands, they are coming!
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    Good idea, but unfortunately we don't feel this would fit in with what we're trying to achieve. We'd like our focus to be on San Andreas, United States and this may cause confusion with players. This also would cause "logistical" IC issues with running plates for the PD, where I can foresee people saying that the system wouldn't be able to pick it up, etc. Thanks for all your suggestions though, keep them coming!
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    Please create separate topics for your other suggestions (one suggestion per idea). This allows us to better keep track of them, and better feedback. Thanks.
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    Following vehicles have been added. If there are any issues, please create a bug report or idea.
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    Good discussions about this. Thanks to everyone who's commented and for the original idea @Mr.agony as it's something that is repeatedly brought up by a few people. We might investigate the handling, but as the the realistic speeds, we're unsure at this stage if it's going to provide any real benefits to roleplay at this time.
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    I've never quite understood redoing the vanilla handing lines. The fast cars are fast and the slow cars are slow. Sure, maybe some vehicles could use some tweaking here and there, but some are right in the fact that once you start crossing a certain threshold of speed, the game starts shitting itself. Especially on multiplayer servers, where sync needs to be taken under heavy consideration. Not only with other players, but with AI as well. Moderate tuning of some vehicles here and there for balance? Sure. Overhaul of everything and making some vehicles even faster? Not so much. While it may be realistic, the game engine itself can only handle so much. Hell, even AI rarely do what we deem as freeway speeds when they're on the freeway. You go throwing modded vehicles in the mix that are able to triple the speed they're going. You will have issues. Guaranteed. Just my two cents, though.
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    So I can say that I have had the chance to beta test some of the cars coming to the server and I am happy with the performance. In the state they were in when tested some of them were fast, some would accelerate quickly, some handled really well etc..... I was impressed by there performance I feel that they will add a lot to the server. With anything new coming in the game I'm sure there will be some things that need to be tweaked. With that being said I would like to throw my thoughts in about the topic. I like that the added cars feel special and are faster than the basic GTA cars. Speed is fun to a extent a car at 170+ is nice but I can tell you with the A.I. mechanics you will be getting to stare at a black screen often. I also can say I would much prefer the developers focusing their attention on adding/improving in game mechanics that increase player immersion in the city. I think cars added should be unique a set apart from the base GTA cars, but I feel that trying to replicate real life performance of every vehicle is something that is to time consuming and could take away from key elements for better city development.
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    One of the biggest things that i keep seeing said is that it would be unfun for people, I personally disagree completely with that statement maybe i am a minority here but i know of at least 2 people who find it extremely fun to drive at high rates of speed. I cannot entirely speak for the other person, but i know that i myself as well as miller enjoy fast vehicles and driving at high rates of speed. For me its the thrill the adrenaline dump i love it. I personally have never technically ran from the police IRL, but i do know people who have on motorcycles and they too say its the adrenaline dump, i may think they are kinda retarded for it but its out there and people do find it fun in game and IRL. That being said also if you look at any server you will see that people often go for the fastest and nicest cars. Its obvious to me that people find fast vehicles extremely fun. However i also understand the balancing and Handling part. I know that it will take ages to balance every vehicle and they will need constant tweaking and work. I know that when dealing with handling there was to be a line between realistic and a video game (this is why i changed the name in the post to Modified vehicle speeds and handling) because if the driving is too realistic and people will find it unfun. Why wouldn't they if you limit the ability to even control the car at high speeds to were the second you touch anything your doing 20 donuts and dying, but i know that it must be somewhat realistic you cant just allow someone in a car to be taking turns at 300 mph because well that is death. This would be a massive balancing game of finding what the community feels right and balancing vehicles to keep things fair for the police and fun for the civilians. Also i know this would take ages as you guys said and i personally am well aware of that, and there will always be those bugs of cars spawning in front of you and things for those with worse off computers. However at that point it kinda becomes a welcome to arma type deal for all those familiar with it. though there are ways to help fix that probably whether it be lowering AI population or whatever it will always be an issue and people will learn and adapt to ways around it. Now for the police as you said people have to understand with civilian cars being faster police cars will become faster it is only fair, however this is where people get angry and issues arise, and balancing becomes a huge part. Police cars should be able to do what most standard civilian cars do my 2002 Chevy cavalier aint coming no where close to outrunning a cop. hell even a 2018 trax will not outrun a cop. this comes down to not really top speed per say but just the overall handling and controllable of a car when it comes to outrunning cops. Yes the my motorcycle is way faster then a cop car, yes millers mustang is way faster then cop cars. however the police have resources and 100 things to help give them an edge and overpower people who chose to run and things like that whether it be spike strips, helicopters, road blocks, hell their training. It is ok for cops to not have the fastest and best cars in the city because that's real they don't in real life, but what they do have are tactics, training, and resources. Rather then out muscle your opponent as a cop you outsmart them. Now for my last point you said people would choose to go for the fastest car rather then the car that suits their character. Though i do agree with this statement in a way if there is only 1 or 2 cars that are just the best of the best and i mean noticeably #balancing then you are right. If the 2019 mustang goes 350 mph and handles like a absolute champ why wouldn't people want it. It's important to give people options to give them a diverse group of vehicles that are good not just one, each one having there own faults maybe breaking, maybe handling in bad weather, maybe flip easy, maybe it slides a lot, those are things that would have to be balanced and looked into. No matter what you do people will always go for the nice or fastest car, to say it doesn't suit there character really isn't up to you its up to the person playing the character. I understand that people will just straight up buy the fastest car to run from the cops to heist and stuff, but maybe there character is someone who does those things, its an investment for them. Police if they don't they definitely should have the power to crush vehicles whether its done through admin abilities or what,, there should be a way for cops to complete take peoples vehicles if they are repeat offenders and things. however back to the cars that is all balancing if a car is to over powered it can and should be altered this is all a trial and error ordeal, i'm sure you all are aware of that. There is a point when balancing has to come before what the community wants, because as you guys grow your going to have those people who only do crimes and things and they will aim for these type of cars and be dumb with them. However with diversity in vehicles and a lot of balancing work i know it can be done i know it will take time and its a huge process, but it can be done. To me personally i would put this on a back burner until things more important are complete, hell we dont even have custom cars yet. This was simply something that i felt the post before didn't explain to well of what they wanted, and i wanted to take a different approach. I really want to hear what others think of this as well as how we can make it better and how we can fix any other problems, or point out any problems we may run into doing this. I know that in the end this has to be fair and fun for everyone and the work that this will take will be a lot and its not something needed right at this moment, but i wanted to put something a little more detailed out there for people to converse over and discuss. I apologize for the 5000 word message.
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    I am on the fence when it comes to changing handling lines. While I know most vehicle speeds at this current moment are not the most realistic because, as you pointed out, vehicles top out ~140-150 even with most super cars. I believe that making ever thing faster is going to cause extensive loss of fun due to the inability of most to be able to control their vehicles. From a development side of this, this would take probably if not close to 4-5 months to get this fine tuned and perfect as we would have to review each vehicle in the game, find its IRL counterpart and try and tweak it to fit as close as we can. I know there are already resources out there that do this to an extent with the default GTA vehicles but we would have to then do it for the addon vehicles and police fleet. At the end of the day I will go with what the community wants, but I just do not want to spend the time and work and then roll back because they arent liking what they wanted.
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    Changed Status to Accepted Changed Assignee to Psihusky
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    I like this idea, it would be whitelisted to prevent abuse, but a simple contact to an admin should be able to get this sorted.
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    Wasn't aware it was still outdated. Cause using a trainer I can spawn all of the new DLCs vehicles in FiveM, including After Hours and the Arena War one thought that might just be the case of all the servers i've been one having the new dlc .rpf's. But I guess if that's the case, would at least be nice to have the ones from existing trainers that FiveM definitely has. The guys that made it were lazy and skipped over a bunch from some DLCs and a lot of the lower end base game cars that would be perfect for players RPing low income characters with cars like the Futo, Blista Compact, Rusty Rebel, Bodhi etc.
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    I also made a suggested list for what each store should have for balance: https://docs.google.com/document/d/127EdtsYAhhcj1FHOcpOj2p0a-qknu1PxVkAEVtIUg88/edit?usp=sharing
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    Side note, ammu-nation on Route 1 at postal 5034 is missing the vendor thingy.
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    This already exists in the weapons shops, there are legal and illegal shops if you have more suggestions for locations this may be a possibility. The licences can be purchased at a gun dealer though doesn't check priors, I'm not sure on the status of taking it away but could be a future development.
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    I think it would be good to see permanent homes, and if you don't access your home in 30-60 days, it would be forfeited and become available. Meaning only one person can own a home.
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    @Michael Woods can we expedite this? I think the only reason it was like that was because of the car wash.
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    Changed Status to In Progress Changed Assignee to Psihusky
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    I would recommend something like a small medical centre with some emergency capabilities rather than a full hospital, considering the size of the sim. If nothing else, the Ambulances could use somewhere to deliver patients to.
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    Changed Status to In Progress Changed Assignee to Psihusky
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    We're currently in the process of updating job payouts, etc. so you'll see this reflected in the next few updates.
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    Changed Status to Accepted
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    Not a fan of weapon licenses, but we definitely don't want everyone to be packing heat, or heavy weapons. We'll be monitoring the usage of weapons in the coming weeks and make adjustments as such.
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    Locations for the illegal dealer that I'd recommend are at postals 2059, 1002, 1101, between 1085 and 1097, 10134, 9395. I think it would be best fit for the dealer to be at remote locations.
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