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    Priority Zero Gaming Information New Staff & Council Members Howdy all, It is with great pleasure I welcome our new staff and council members. Thanks to those who showed their interest, and congratulations to those who have made it through to the staff team. We look forward to seeing what you can bring to the community! Promotions @Sierra Komarov - Promoted to Trial Administrator @Chargae - Promoted to Council Member @Ethan - Promoted to Council Member @Bill R. Smit - Promoted to Council Member Reinstatements @Aaron Savage - Reinstated as Trial Administrator Departures Council Member @Lan Nakajima (resigned) Thank you and congratulations. Kind regards, Psihusky Lightpaw Community Director
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    Looked over the rules, and found a few issues that I'll outline below. Feedback is appreciated. 2.4. Do not contacting developers directly Correction: Should read "Do not contact developers directly." 2.6. AFKing Leaving your computer or in any manner tabbing out or going AFK should not be done in a public area, please be inside your private home or the welcome center. Potential Punishment: 7 day suspension - Really 7 days for afking in public? Suggestion: Require people to use an AFK tag, can be the same as a character tag. Three warnings for non-use and a 1 day ban otherwise. (Though I am personally against AFK bans in any regard.) 2.15. External Websites Comment: I can see the concern and fear of external websites, but many RP business and companies use them or already have them set up. Banning use of external websites for RP purposes is unnecessary. Suggestion: A simple warning that "PZG" is not responsible for content or the safety of external websites would suffice. Metagaming in any form is against the rules, no matter where the information is gathered. Special Characters " Special Characters are characters which have a particular subset of skills (superior strength, shooting, stamina, etc), such as but not limited to: Mentally Challenged Skilled Martial Artists Members of Special Operations Forces These characters must have Upper Administration Team approval prior to roleplaying as such." Comment: HA! Everyone and their brother is a god damn soldier, ex-soldier, special-ops, robo cop or SEAL. They can all shoot perfectly and have more combat training than anyone else. This is going to be entertaining to see enforced. Start with everyone in the SD, FD, and any Mafia. 3.6.1. Player Kills Comment: Eh? There is currently no life hud of any sort in use sim-wide. Is this something that will be implemented? Any sort of IC death should first have to be approved by the character who is to die. A "Player Kill" resulting in incapacitation, but not actual death shouldn't be referred to as a "kill". In my opinion this hurts continuity and canon. This is where SL RP of this type differs from GTA or another MMO. I'd eliminate player kills completely. 3.6.2. Character Kills Comment: "Script wise" eh? "Applications?" This and the above was just copied from Owl Gaming's website wasn't it? Same with the above. Applications shouldn't be needed for a character kill. If anything a notification to be sent to Admin notifying them of the character's death, again the decision should be up to the character who is to die and no-one else. through Comment: All this is unnecessary text, being "almost killed" or "incapacitated" as a result of any of the actions listed here is valid. Incapacitation to the result of being out of the RP for the remainder of its duration, hospitalized, etc. are all valid outcomes. However, again, it should be up to the character's owner to decide if that character should be permanently "killed" (There should be no-other type of death) as a result of their actions. No group, administrator, or other RPer should decide that for them without their approval. 3.14. LEO Presence "Always act like there is a heavy LEO presence, even if there is lack thereof." Comment: There's no reason to act if there is a "HEAVY" presence, as this is unrealistic even in RL. It should be assumed there are at least a couple deputies (NPC or real) available at any given time. 8.4. Weapon Licenses Correction: Remove references to Los Santos. 8.5. NPCs & Shops Correction: Remove references to Los Santos/ GTA. 9. Faction Rules Comment: This reads like GTA, infact it's a direct copy of the Owl faction rules. I suggest revising to remove references to GTA and to better suit SL. See above comments on Player Kills. 10.4. Property Break-Ins, Robberies & Theft Comment: Also from GTA, character hours eh? Revise to better fit with SL's limitations. Rewriting is needed. 10.4.5. Character Robberies Comment: See comments on Player Kills above. 10.4.7. Vehicle Theft Comment: Most of this is unnecessary. Again this is for GTA not SL. Revise accordingly.
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    What is the suggestion: Add a more realistic tow truck What are the advantages? (List each in new line) Deeper player immersion with a tow truck with actual amber light. This would give a more real life feel to the job. What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) Time it would take to find a tow truck that looks good and works with the NPC job. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? How would you go about implementing this idea? I would just replace The ugly tow truck they have with a more real life tow vehicle.
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    What is the suggestion: add in the Honda CBR 1000rr What are the advantages? (List each in new line) gives a custom vehicle to people that are non-cops What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2017-cbr-1000rr-digital-dials-liveries-template https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/honda-cbr1000rr-motors-garage-razor https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/honda-cbr1000rr How would you go about implementing this idea?
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    What is the suggestion: a chop shop would be nice. for those people who steal cars alot to earn extra cash. the money they get from it they need to launder. What are the advantages? (List each in new line) faster way for criminals to earn cash for the cars they steal to get around. What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) if not careful you could lose the car you are stealing as well as pay a fine and jail time. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Simeon_Car_Export_Requests How would you go about implementing this idea? Have a list of vehicles for the system to pick from at set intervals (daily, every 2 days, etc.) and the chosen vehicle/s are mentioned in a notification on either the hud or on a new app on the F1 phone, similar to the dark chat thing. Once you get your hands one a vehicle from the list, you need to take the vehicle to the Hayes Autos garage (postal 9054) or another fitting location and receive a pre-determined paycheck based on the condition or value of the car. the cars on the list would sell for more than other cars. other cars not on the list would be able to be sold every in game day but have a limit on car model. for example. each model of car cannot be sold more than 5 times in an in game day. so if you sold 5 Warreners. you need to find something that isnt a warrener.
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    What is the suggestion: Basically add at least two smaller car garages alongside a home outside of Los Santos for variety and for people who RP their characters living in the county. What are the advantages? (List each in new line) More accessibility and immersion. What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) No real disadvantages considering it\'s just adding new locations. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? Just use the cheap garage and apartment interiors that are already in use. How would you go about implementing this idea? Same as how ESX currently adds apartments and garages to the map.
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    What is the suggestion: There was recently a change to the way the NPC tow truck job pays and it was a change for the better. I really enjoy this job so I am here yet again to try and improve it. In its current state the jobs you receive when you pick up a car vary in a weird pay scale I would like to see a couple changes made. 1. I have seen jobs that send you on a 5 mile round trip pay $140 to the company and $28 to the driver. Then you get a job that is a 1 mile round trip that will pay double. it would like to see it changed where the pay out is based on distance 2. With the changes to the way drivers are paid I completely understand that the pay per job had to be dropped as the job would have became a get rich quick job. however I do believe the pay was dropped a little to low and is now hurting the company itself. The pay scale on a 20 trip sample averages $185.7 per trip to the company and $47.65 to the driver per trip. Under the current pay plan it is very hard to keep money in the company account with out dropping salary pay so much that people just don't want to do the job. What are the advantages? (List each in new line) For the first suggestion the benefit is that drivers that get a longer travel distance on a job feel like the are getting rewarded for the extra distance. The second suggestion would help the company be profitable and keep drivers happy with out noticing a pay cut but the company could then afford to pay the wages they are entitled to without them having to live in the tow truck. Because while they can make money at it people are in the city for RP and if you can't take a break from you job to enjoy some good RP elsewhere in the city it can get boring What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) This will be a trial and error process on getting the pay where it need to be to benefit both company and driver need and to make sure it is balanced with the city economy. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? How would you go about implementing this idea? 1.Have the job pay based on distance traveled round trip 2.What I would like to do is drop the percentage of pay per tow down maybe between 15%-18% and increase the pay per tow scale to an amount where people can still average around the same per tow but the company can also profit and actually make money to hold in the account for paying employee salaries.
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    Howdy all, Thanks for your patience, we're bringing back the FiveM Project, so watch this space! Kind regards, Psihusky Lightpaw
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    From the album: WCFR

    Woodland County Fire Rescue - Ladder 2 Preforming preventative maintenance on the dry hydrants located on Paperbark Drive
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    What is the suggestion: Hosptial What are the advantages? to make rp better and deliver patients to hosptial What are the disadvantages? no medical staff in hosptial Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? How would you go about implementing this idea? well i would give a suggestion - a very small hosptial - all operated by NPC then amblance would drop off the patient off at hosptial allowing to complete rp in some rp places - if no medical staff present - patients dropped off and ends rp there instead fading to black somewhere because i rped today with MVA accident and wasnt aware of hosptial was gone (burned down) if its was replaced with new hosptial its would be better to have medical rps and MVA accidents
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    From the album: 2018 Christmas

    Playing Santa leaves one pretty exhausted afterward. Barely made it into the bed. I'm sure my clothes are in a pile somewhere.
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    What is the suggestion: Adding different drugs to the city and making all drugs usable (Meth, cocaine) What are the advantages? (List each in new line) Gives criminal characters more to do than just rob stores and sell weed. Adds a variety of non violent crimes for criminals to do. making the drugs usable just adds to the items if it actually dose something for your character. Also give police more RP as now the can get DUI/DWI traffic stops What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) None apparently they are already in the server just not active I'm guessing. To make the usable would just be the time it takes to find that script. Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? How would you go about implementing this? I would like to have cocaine in the city picked up in the docks like it was imported. Meth up in sandy because..... well they are all meth heads. Have something like the weed were you can sell it for less money but not have to deal with cops or sell to NPC. Make them usable just by dragging them over to use in the f2 screen.
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    What is the suggestion: A couple, really. 1. Can I get my vests put into the system somehow, for a MC faction I plan to make? Dusty is going to help me come up with the texture work. Also, can we install this bike? I don't believe it's in yet. https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/harley-davidson-fat-boy-terminator-2-hq-add-on What are the advantages? (List each in new line) More options for a more organized criminal faction. Also.... bikers. What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) A little effort, much of which should come from Me or my founding members? Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/harley-davidson-fat-boy-terminator-2-hq-add-on How would you go about implementing this idea? Make MC Faction. Do criminal business, while trying to avoid police intervention. Profit.
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    What is the suggestion: A Custom tuning shop where we would offer custom vehicle tuning repairs and upgrades for people at a lower price What are the advantages? Civilian Ran Creates good RP Help the Economy Player Ran Company What are the disadvantages? Can only be open when people are online may take a bit of scripting or added things Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? None At the moment How would you go about implementing this idea? This would be a private job assigned in game that would grant people with that job access to the shop and the features. I would contact the admins for any people who have been hired or i myself would give them the permission. This job would be called Exp. Tuner1. We would offer repairs, upgrades, and custom tunes. The upgrades would be given at a cheaper price then at a normal garage. I would like to see these upgrades placed as free so that people can look at there vehicles cosmetics and things without having to constantly pay and then we would issue them the billing through the f6 menu giving them an invoice allowing them to pay straight from their bank, or they could pay the mechanic that helped them with a hand to hand transaction. People with this job title would be able to access the f6 menu which would include a billing, impound, and repair option. Inside of our shop we would have a area that would allow us to access the garage menu where we could implement all upgrades, and cosmetics for all vehicles. We would also have a repair area just outside the building still within our locked doors compound that would allow only people with that job title to fully repair vehicles. These areas would be identified by a colored circle on the ground that would only be seen by those with the job or only be able to be accessed by those with the job. (start at 3:00 minutes till end of video or however long needed. It demonstrates how the chip could be used and what exactly it does.) These tuning chips could possible be sold in a store that only people with the job title can access or this could be used as a f6 feature that possible brings up an overlay.
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    Priority Zero Gaming Los Santos Roleplay Update | 0.9.0 Highlights Vengelico Jewelry Store is now open! Over 600+ NPC Models New State Police Liveries Notable Features Add notepad Add more police cars to police garage Added 80% chance of loosing balance when you jump (help counter bunnyhopping) Add illegal drugs Added Muscle Beach Gym, Membership and some Gym Items Added chopshop Added new SASP liveries to chargers (great work @Dusty Miller) Added tunerchip (please request access for this) Added 600+ npc skins to choose from when creating a character (just change the sex) Add Vengelico which is can be robbed with 3 cops online. You can smash cases, and then sell the jewels behind You Tool. Add Window Cleaner Job. Added 26 stock GTA vehicles to car dealership Improvements Add ability to rob clothing stores Customized NPCs per shop to be better suited Plates are now AB123CDF to be consistent with rest of traffic. Adjustments, Changes & Tweaks Lowered vehicle and pedestrian density from 1.0 to 0.3 to increase performance Lowered cost of parking your vehicle from 200 to 50. Increased time starving will make you "die" Renamed Weed Dealer to "Smoke On The Water" Bug Fixes Fix handcuffs not giving back screens, menu access, etc, when being uncuffed. Stop autodispatch for police activity (e.g. police shooting) Fixed impounded sandy shores vehicles spawning on the roof. Fixed hunting not being available Fixed speed limiter (it's back!) press L to limit speed, and L to reset. Fix chat box styling Fix Smoke On The Dealer giving black/dirty money, should now give normal money. Known Bugs Other Changes Remove checks for driving on footpatch and wrong side of the road when doing DMV tests Changed loading screen music Closing Remarks Thanks for your patience, I know it's been a while since I've put out a changelog. Have been busy in real life, and busy working on stuff on the server. Thanks everyone for their feedback on everything. Special shout out to @Justin Wildwood for his help, if you see him, say thanks! As always... Is something broken this update? Please let us know here: https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/bugs/lossantos/ Think something can be done better? Discuss and add them here: https://forums.priorityzerogaming.com/ideas/lossantos/ What model or new character will you create? Leave a comment below!
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    Yes, more amber lights!
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    You now get paid 20% of the job and the other 80% goes into the mechanic's job fund which you should receive a salary from. Thanks for your feedback. 🙂
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    The tow truck NPC job should pay a percentage by the car to employees. This is the way it actually works in the states, it typically is about 22% of the tow bill. As the owner of LSC I can't get anyone to actually run the NPC jobs in their current state which mean no money coming in and that leads to no one getting paid at all. Also when you do have a mechanic on it does not display it properly on the F10 screen. I feel if this is fixed you may have more player to player interaction with the job. In the current state I believe that if someone breaks down the look at that screen and see no mechanic so the steal a car or buy a repair kit. If that was displayed properly then you would have people look at it see that you do have a mechanic on then maybe the would tweet out to get some assistance. This would give better RP for the job as it would increase player to player interaction. Also I would like to see when possible of course more cops utilizing the mechanic job for removal of vehicles from a scene (exp. impounds, illegally parked vehicles etc...) this would be something were I would suggest state reimburses the office for the tow or a way for the driver to invoice the state. this should definitely not be the officer responsibility as they are acting on the behalf of the state. This is just a few ideas I had for the job hopefully it was helpful thank you for taking the time to read through this.
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    Do BEAR in mind, the FiveM project will be making a comeback. I know this shutdown feels a bit GRIZZLY, but I think in the end it will be the POLAR opposite of bad. It'll be good. FiveM tends to allow for fast paced, enjoyable RP with lots of supportive features and a MUCH larger map to utilize! I look forward, and hope, to seeing you all there!
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    i agree - however people who have mental problems - they should seek GP or someone to talk - i will happy to offer support for people who needs it - i am here to listen and talk :3
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    I'm gonna miss having fun and getting arrested but I can't wait to join the fivem server
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    Hiya all, Thanks for those who have provided feedback on the forums, we're always looking for ways to make things better and as such, I introduce to you: Divs Horizontal lines Magic lines to add paragraphs into those tricky areas Showing table borders on invisible tables № 00001 YOU ARE ILLEGALLY OR IMPROPERLY PARKED FOR ONE (OR MORE) OF THE FOLLOWING REASONS AND ARE SUBJECT TO BEING TOWED OR BOOTED AT YOUR EXPENSE. ☐ Parked in NO PARKING Zone ☐ IMPROPERLY Parked ☐ Parked in FIRE LANE ☐ Vehicle Parked OVERNIGHT ☐ Parked in HANDICAP Space ☐ Parked Across 2 Spaces ☐ Blocking Another Vehicle ☐ Parked in RESERVED or assigned Space ☐ Vehicle doesn't have a valid PARKING PERMIT ☐ Blocking Driveway, Access to Building, Sidewalk, Garbage or Dumpster ☐ Other _____________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ This vehicle's description has been permanently recorded. Any additional infractions of our regulations could result in towing at vehicle owner's expense and/or revocation of all parking privileges. License Plate No. State Year Vehicle Make/Model Color Permit No. or Other I.D. Driver's Name (if known) Date __________________________ Location _______________________ Time __________________________ Issued by ______________________ gov.woodlandcounty.com - (803) 123 4567 The above is an example done entirely on the forums! One of the cool stuff you can do with divs, tables, horizontal lines and more on the forums. So be great to see what everyone comes up with! This tied in with forms can get some pretty awesome looking stuff. An important tip is to edit certain things, Hold CTRL + Right Click, to get the editor's context menu up! If you need help with layout out some divs, tables, or any other forum stuff, throw your question in the Player Support (OOC) section and someone will be able to help! Happy formatting, Psihusky Lightpaw Community Director
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    It's lit.

    © Aaron Savage

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    Congrats to all for their new positions in the senate, now don't go running the taxes up again
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    i have seen alot of drama so i am going suggestion to add the sentence under - 2.15. Not Here To Roleplay or under new rule - No drama rule within general rules of woodland county or create single rule for all services (forums, gaming, Discord, GTA) Causing prolonged dramas (discord or forums or Inworld) punishment: permanent removal and NO appeal for this behavior reason behind this is there lately spates of behavior in world and forums - as i had experinced/seen in other rp sims where No drama rule has been enforced which says if you cause drama - you are out no buts or ifs - if they try to cause prolong drama on any form such forums or Discord - they will be banned from it no expections also NO appeal for those causing prolonged drama - to keep people from harm of drama also protects woodland county and services from any more issues its right for people to have peaceful and enjoyable i would consider this rule covers all of services to stop drama from happening - example: i dont not want see drama flare up in discord then flares in in world so no drama rule will deal with them very servere meaning person who causing issues will be removed from all services and banned permantly - eg no access to appeal
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    Now I gotta find a suitably dumb wig for the meetings, dammit.
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    So apparently there's no inherent rule against rezzing fire on rented land. This is extremely buzzkill for roleplay when I can be in my house and a fire just randomly is rezzed by a player in my bar beneath me without any roleplay. I roleplayed it and reported the incident but was told there's no rule against this, so I'd like an actual rule addressing this. Proposal: Fires should require admin approval to be placed unless you're spawning fire on your own rental.
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    Priority Zero Gaming Announcement New Rules & Rule Discussions Portal Howdy all, It's been long awaited for, but finally, we're happy to announce a brand new site to view and search the rules for all of the community. We've also replaced most of our dot points with sentences explaining things further, making things simpler! These rules are effective as of now. You can access it via one of three links: (Main) rules.priorityzerogaming.com rules.woodlandcounty.com rules.lossantosroleplay.com Along with this, we've released a new rule discussion portal for you to discuss the rules. The community is built strongly on your feedback, and while we may not agree with every rule discussion in accordance with what we're trying to achieve, we do want to give the community the option to voice their opinion and hopefully get changes made! Check out the new Rule Discussions Portal up in the Support section, or on the OOC section of the forums, but in short you can create a discussion about: Discuss or request a rule be made more clearer. Request a new rule to be created. Request a rule be modified. Request a rule be removed entirely. Thanks for your patience, we know it's taken a while but we wanted to make sure we did it right. Look forward to seeing what you guys and girls think! Psihusky Lightpaw Community Director
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    From the album: 2018 Christmas

    I hope you all get some great presents this year!
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    From the album: 2018 Christmas

    Where in the hell are the snow plows? *grumble* I need a hot shower.....
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    From the album: 2018 Christmas

    Just finished up some last minute deliveries. Made them just in time, too. The sunrise is actually rather pretty in the mornings.
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    From the album: 2018 Christmas

    While we can't be here every day, we still think of our Woodland family with great love. Thank you for the time you gave us and letting us be a part of something great!
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    To ensure you receive the quickest resolution we stick to a support process and may guide you to this post in order to get the fastest resolution to your issue. Different staff members have different responsibilities and access levels, however have the appropriate methods in place to be able to escalate requests as needed. We are adding new forms and support processes to make things easier, more transparent and better for both staff and players to ensure we resolve issues promptly, we appreciate your patience while we do this. How to get help? If there is an admin-on-duty at the time, you may contact them online. However, they may point you here to provide information and to create the initial request as apart of our processes. Contact us via the Support page in the navigation pane. If you cannot find a form or you are not satisfied with the outcome of a request, you can contact the team or upper management via the support section. Do NOT attempt to contact staff outside* of the community! Staff may refuse or ignore requests for support outside of the game or forums. Examples In-Game Help (all servers) Each server of our community has it's own Player Support section were both players and admins can provide you support. This has a Questions and Troubleshooting section where you can post your question. There is also a Guides and Tutorials section created by other players and staff to aid you. Someone is currently breaking the rules The best way to have an issue resolved is to submit a Player Report. Make a suggestion or discuss a rule change Priority Zero Gaming values your feedback and suggestions, we often make changes based on community feedback. To ensure transparency with requests, and so we can keep track of suggestions and see community interest, please submit a Suggestion via our Ideas Tracker and share the link with your friends to gain support for your idea. We read every suggestion and take it into careful consideration, while your suggestion may not be implemented, we do keep every suggestion for future decisions. I'm unhappy with a decision or an outcome by an admin Firstly, we're sorry to hear this and hope to rectify the issue within our power. We find that most people are unhappy with a rule and not with the actual staff member issuing the decision, if this is the case, please make a suggestion or discuss a rule change via the appropriate form. If you wish, you can make a complaint against the staff member via the Report a Staff Member form which will be received by our senior management team who will make a final decision. Reporting an forum post against the rules Find the offending post and click "Report Post" on the top right of the actual post. This is for reporting offending forum posts only. Do not contact staff outside the community Priority Zero Gaming ensures our staff have a good work-life balance to ensure our staff are not overworked and are able to have lives outside of the community. We ask that members of the community respect this. The only supported methods currently are: In-World IM/PM (if a staff member is online) Official Discord Channel (DMs are not supported) Forum - Posts, Private Messages, Forms, Support Requests Staff are well within their right to ignore requests or to redirect you to an appropriate support channel.
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    Priority Zero Gaming Staff Management Rules: Administration Team Introduction Priority Zero Gaming believes in transparency and a fair gaming experience within it's community. In order to create an abuse-free environment rules have been established for this team. These rules have been made publicly available to members of the community to have a better understanding on what can and cannot be done by this team. 1. Becoming a member of the Administration Team New Members: Members of the community are welcome to apply to the administration team after 1 month of being an active member in the community. You will possess a fair amount of activity and experience in any roleplay field. Your behaviour must be outstanding which will be proven via your player history. You must also show respect to Priority Zero Gaming's mission and values. Re-instatements: If the community member was an administrator in the past for any of Priority Zero Gaming's entities and left on good grounds, they can reinstate in a position one lower than their rank upon leaving. Exceptions can be made when sufficient reasoning is given before leaving. 2. Hierarchy & Chain of Command Priority Zero Gaming consists of several ranks, each with different duties and perks. We follow this hierarchy to ensure swift communication, delegation and accountability. The team can be split into two major groups which are the Administration Team, Management Team. The Administration Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of the server and players. While the Management Team is responsible for the management of the server including rules, staff reports and recruitment. The Community Management Team is responsible for the oversight of the community, forums, rules, staff and recruitment. 3. Handling Reports The Administration Team is responsible for the correct handling of requests made by community members. These requests range from potential abuse being reported, to general support being requested. All requests are equally important, only the complexity can vary. An Administrator may only accept a report that they can handle. Accepting and closing requests which you cannot handle is strictly forbidden. However, messaging a community member that their request cannot be taken for the moment due to lack of a specific kind of staff at the moment, is permitted. When a request has been taken accidentally, the administrator should send a message to the community member to let them know it was a mistake and unassign themselves from the request. Administrators should also refrain from handling reports in which they are involved in. This includes themselves, and their faction, if it involves the faction as a whole. Reports about a specific faction member may be handled, if the staff member can assure the community member they will remain neutral. Administrators involved in the situation must always post their version of the story or post their view on the situation. When these requests are not being handled fast enough, it is the task of the Management Team to assign administrators who are able to handle the report or handle it themselves. Administrators who fail to respond to a request assigned to them after 7 days may result in an infraction. If an administrator is unable to handle this report, they must notify the assignee so thaty it can be reassigned and handled. Community members are encouraged to contact a member of the Management Team if their request has not been responded to after 7 days. Community members may not request a specific administrator to handle a certain request, neutrality has to come from both sides. 4. Punishing & Education The Administration Team is expected to handle requests & reports in a fair way, this includes education & punishing. Priority Zero Gaming prefers education over punishment, however does not exclude punishment as an option. The administrator may determine case by case if education / a warning is not sufficient. A community member may only be punished if: An offense occurs in accordance with the community or server rules,and; sufficient evidence of the offense is found and; if they have not been punished for it yet. Specific punishment times or actions are not set on any offense, as the administrator is to handle each issue as it is. Administrators may also not punish other staff members. Staff members can only be punished by the Community Management Team. If an administrator has punished a community member in an excessive way, they may receive an infraction. The community member should report this via a "Staff Report", which is only viewable by the Community Management Team to assure confidentiality. 5. Voiding Roleplay The Administration Team have the right to void roleplay if the situation is deemed to complex or unsolvable. If two players accuse each other of certain actions and neither party can provide consistent evidence, the administrator has the right to void a roleplay scene and issue both players to go on their own way. Voiding roleplay scenes should be limited to a minimum. 6. Action Reports The Administration Team must keep a log of their actions, including warnings, kicks, ejections and bans, including evidence with as much detail as possible. This aids other Administrators and Management in follow-up decisions and ensures integrity. A community member may only request the reason for their ban that matches the rules. They are not permitted to any other information, such as the initial reporter, private notes, evidence, etc. 7. Community & Server Rules The Administration Team are expected to have full knowledge of the rules of Priority Zero Gaming and the Server they are Administrating. They are to set an example for new and experienced players. Fulfilling the rule goes further than learning the rules and understanding them, but includes looking to enhance them, contributing to discussions, and bettering the community. Failing to follow the rules can lead to an immediate termination in extreme cases. 8. Server-wide Commands & Actions The Administration Team must keep the usage of commands and actions which affect the whole server to an absolute minimum. Actions which can create lag or interfere with active roleplay, that can break the immersion are to be only performed in low-no population moments. This document is subject to change without notice.
  37. 2 points
    Priority Zero Gaming Staff Management Staff Code of Conduct Introduction Priority Zero Gaming believes in transparency and a fair gaming experience within it's community. In order to create an abuse-free environment a Code of Conduct has been established for staff team. This Code of Conduct has been made publicly available to members of the community to have a better understanding. Priority Zero Gaming Mission The Priority Zero Gaming mission is to provide a safe, fair and fun gaming experience to gamers. It is the responsibility of all employees to help achieve the mission of Priority Zero Gaming. Priority Zero Gaming Values In doing this, we support and reinforce Priority Zero Gaming values which provide that, in managing and performing our functions at all times, we will with: INTEGRITY - I seek to be honest, trustworthy, authentic, humble, and transparent. Act with honesty, respecting the right of fair process for all Maintain confidentiality and respect those who we deal with Demonstrate moral strength and courage Behave with honor and impartiality LEADERSHIP - I lead my best skills and ability to provide safe, reliable, and quality service. Are approachable and consistent when dealing with colleagues, partners and the community Apply fair process Strongly commit to the values of the community Guide, trust, develop and empower others Make timely decisions that are guided by both values and evidence Inspire participation and commitment through a shared vision RESPECT - I listen to understand and treat everyone fairly. Accept diversity with tolerance and understanding Listen with patience, value opinions and provide feedback Are appreciative of and acknowledge the efforts of others Consider our internal and external customers Inspire confidence through ethical and fair treatment of others FLEXIBILITY - I work alongside others to achieve results. Are open minded and adaptive to change Adopt an attitude of continuous improvement Encourage creativity Build partnerships with our community Welcome difference Practice tolerance PROFESSIONALISM - I apply my best skills and ability to provide safe, reliable, and quality service. Accept responsibility, show commitment and lead by example Achieve and contribute to the professional knowledge pool Are accountable to both our internal and external customers Maintain high personal standards, taking pride in our conduct Communicate openly, honestly and consistently Are transparent in our delivery and strive for service excellence Code of Ethics We commit to the highest ethical standards for Priority Zero Gaming's entire workforce. This commitment is espoused in our code of ethics. Guide to Ethical Decision Making Every day we make choices, supporting our community. We all have a role to play for the care of our community. You recognize where we have opportunities to improve and to work as a team for the benefit of our community. The consequences of our action or inaction is important. We always try to do what is right but there may be times when the right choice isn't clear. If that ever happens, begin by asking yourself: Does the action align with our values? Is it legal? Does it follow our policies? Does it benefit Priority Zero Gaming and our members? Would I be comfortable if my action was shared in the news or on social media? If you answer "no" to any of these questions or the answer still isn’t clear, stop and take a step back. Before you take any action, get advice from your manager or ask questions. Remember, it is always best to ask before you act. Requirement to Comply Every employee of Priority Zero Gaming is required to comply with our Code of Conduct. If it appears you have not complied with our code, you can expect to be asked to explain your actions. If your conduct does not involve an honest mistake, you may face disciplinary action.
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    I won't do it. At all.
  39. 1 point
    Definitely love this idea, we do have skills planned, where your stats increase based on what you're doing, like running, swimming, etc. the gym would obviously help increase these at a slightly faster rate, and make powergaming characters less of an issue. Already on the roadmap!
  40. 1 point
    What is the suggestion: 1) Purchased Helmet is your default helmet What are the advantages? (List each in new line) 1) I can have the helmet as I would have IRL 1 helmet that I have purchased or won What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) 1) None Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? None How would you go about implementing this idea? 1) Setting the helmet as a default one when you purchase it and when ever your character would equip the game would take it as the last used (default one)
  41. 1 point
    Due to increase player base and people joining in to mechanic line of work I would like to make changes that would me (as the owner of the business) manage the business better: Privileges of actions within ranks: Apprentice - players in this position should only be possible to take the flatbead and do the npc missions + clean if needed (should be removed the repair and deposit/windraft option. They should only be available to do the job such as fltabed and npc/player (cop request) to pick up cars and drive them to LSC for deposit Mechanic - same as apprentice, but add option of repair cars Special mechanics - same as apprentice, but option to craft the materials for stock (not take them out) Workshop foreman - all above and possibility to take out the stock (so they would be able to sell to players) Owner - stays the same (as it is now all options) **This should incentivize the players to DO THE ACTUAL work rather then sit around and get the payment. Additional thing needed for Employee management option: 1) Employee list should show 2 more indicators - Phone number and Jobs done (meaning how many NPC jobs they have done) Also want to talk about, what is the possibility in a case - Were a person comes in to the garage fixes or tunes its car, and portion of that money that he spends goes in to LSC social account ?
  42. 1 point
    What is the suggestion: a way to remove tattoos What are the advantages? (List each in new line) being able to change your appearance or alter tattoos on your body What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) none Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? How would you go about implementing this idea? Have a remove tattoo option in the shop that you can go through and select which tattoo you want to remove. It would probably also be helpful to have a remove all option.
  43. 1 point
    What is the suggestion: Give police that don't have the mod menu the ability to add the extras to cars. (Exp lights, push bar, cage, radar ect…) In a previous city I was in as a cop you could press the insert button and it would bring up a menu to add these things to vehicles. It then had a list of options that you could turn on and off or cycle through different styles of light bars and things like that.. it was tied to the cop job only so normal civs did not have this ability. What are the advantages? (List each in new line) let cops customize the vehicle they will be spending a lot of time in. Also some vehicles are unusable at the moment because with out certain add-ons none of the lights work. Also increases immersion as cops wont have to drive around in a car that is missing key things that all cop cars have on them. What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) Time it would take to find the script that only adds this menu for non staff cops Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? How would you go about implementing this idea? Find a similar script as the on described above it could be tied to the insert button as it is not used for a cop related function at this time.
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    Thank you. I feel this is a much better Payroll system for this job.
  45. 1 point
    Howdy all, The development team would like your input on ways to earn money, namely as a "civilian", but illegal methods are okay. Things like jobs provide ways of earning money, like mailman, taxi driver, etc. We'd like to hear ideas for jobs, but also ways for non-job people to earn money. For simplicity sake, we'll break these out into: Active Jobs - Jobs which require an official title and may have organizational structure, these jobs require the job from the job center. Passive Methods - Methods which do not require an official job title and can be started without the job center or job title. E.g. Going through trash cans, finding cans and then taking them to be recycled. Current Active Jobs Postman Taxi / Uber Driver Mechanic Car Dealer Real Estate Agent Banker Bus Driver Lumberjack Fisherman Truck Driver Reporter Tailer Miner Butcher Pool Cleaner Winegrower Stripclub Nightclub Unemployed (Welfare Payments) Current Methods Drug Manufacturer/Dealer (Weed) - harvest, manufactor & sell weed to players or a dealer Recycling Bottles - take bottles from trashcans and trade them for cash We'd love your ideas no matter how big or small, ideally we'd like to have a lot of options which don't require official paths but still offer a way to generate money without interacting directly with another player. Look forward to the ideas! ~ Psihusky
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    Priority Zero Gaming Los Santos Roleplay How to clear your FiveM cache Clearing your cache is a good troubleshooting method to resolve any "funky" issues you may have. These can range from vehicles not spawning/showing, texture or skin issues, loading screen issues, connection issues and more. While this is not a guaranteed fix, it is one of the first steps you may be directed to take when resolving an issue. Important Note: After clearing your cache, you will need to redownload everything from fresh, you may sometimes get stuck connecting to the server, if that happens close FiveM and try again. Clearing your FiveM Cache Open your "FiveM Application Data" folder (typically located C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM.app) If you can't find it, you can try right clicking your 'FiveM Desktop Icon' and select "Open File Location". Open the "Cache" folder Delete all files and folders in the Cache folder EXCEPT FOR THE GAME FOLDER Relaunch FiveM and reconnect to the server. Troubleshooting  FiveM isn't starting now Retry the application. If you're still unable to open FiveM, reinstall FiveM from the official website. It's taking forever to reconnect to the server It may take an extra amount of time as the you will be redownloading the server files. If it's taking more than 5-10 minutes, please reconnect. Do I have to download everything again? Yes, unfortunately you will need to download a fresh copy of the server files. If you're still experiencing issues, please reach out to us for support.
  47. 1 point
    I also made a suggested list for what each store should have for balance: https://docs.google.com/document/d/127EdtsYAhhcj1FHOcpOj2p0a-qknu1PxVkAEVtIUg88/edit?usp=sharing
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    Happy Birthday Darklion!
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    squeak and squeak some more, soon you will get some chores, finish the chores and please you'r master, and the cheese you shall get much faster.
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