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  1. Changed Status to Completed
  2. Howdy all, Hope you are all safe and well. We have indeed been quiet, and I apologise for that. The situation appears to be evolving day by day as we continue to embrace this unprecedented event. We are however, not dead and still alive! Though things will be slowed due to real life commitments with our staff (our volunteer staff come first). A lot has been planned and discussed over the past few months about different approaches and the overall structure of the community. As such, I'd like to announce the following: New positions becoming available in management Position responsibilities revised and simplified Patreon tiers & benefits New in-world events New integrated CAD & MDT system Revised whitelisted organisation (i.e. Police & Ambulance) structures And a lot more to come... If you know anyone interested in joining our close knit team, we'd love to hear from you! Love, Psihusky Community Director
  3. We're sad to see you go, you are always welcome to visit. Wishing you the best on your future endeavors.
  4. Psihusky


    Highlights Discord: Ping sent to the @Server Connections on our Discord when a player connects to the server. Vehicles: Added nice door chime when door is open. Vehicles: Lock position of wheel turn when exiting vehicle. Benny's: Modified interior to better suit roleplay. Improvements LSRP Base: Improvements to key detection. Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks Hospital: Changed black market surgeon to Sandy Shores Medical. Bug Fixes GSR Test: Fixed a lot of non-GSR weapons & melee weapons causing a GSR to return positive.
  5. Psihusky

    Community Meeting

    Howdy all, We are holding a brief community meeting to discuss & gather your thoughts on the following: Current tracking, player numbers & stats (incl. player retention) Roadmap update Available staff positions & leadership positions Any other general business This will be held in our Meeting Voice Discord Channel at the specific time: Sydney, AU: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM (AEST) Los Angeles, US: 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM (PDT) New York, US: 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM (EDT) London, UK: 1:00 AM - 4:00 AM (PDT) If the calendar event on the forums does not show in your timezone, you can find it on World Time Buddy. I apologise in advance if this time does not suit you, please let me know, so we can accommodate for the majority in future. Please RSVP to the calendar event on the forums to help us gauge numbers. If this community meeting goes well, we may look to hosting more of these in the future. Hope to see you there! Kind regards, Psihusky Community Director
  6. Thanks for putting in time with your idea, it's something we've thought about for a while, but the issue is with getting numbers. Ideally, I've thought of having people in charge of portfolios like public service, infrastructure, emergency, tourism, health, etc. which would be the middle between players and game administration. Budgets are definitely something we've thought about as well, but we need a robust economy first and systems in place, like tax, etc. that gets fed back into the cycle. The main issue with all of this though is having player numbers to be able to manage this, so I suppose when we get to that stage and have enough interest in a government, we could revise this. Would definitely like the communities thoughts on this though.
  7. Psihusky


    Highlights Launder Lady: Another new mission which allows players to visit the Launder Lady in Backlot City, get information off her and switch their money from marked/dirty to clean fresh cash. Check out the Launder Lady guide on how to get started. Weather: We completely re-wrote the weather system so now every 10 minutes the weather will have a smooth transition between weather. Take Hostage: Added the ability to take a hostage. Check out the Take Hostage guide on how to get started. Improvements Mission System: Updates to core mission system Carry People: Improved syncing for carrying people animation. Piggyback: Improved syncing for piggy backing animation. Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks Car Thief Thug: Changed thug to take clean money and pay out dirty money on completion. Car Thief Thug: Added one hour server cooldown Car Thief Thug: Fixed thug not checking your money correctly preventing players from starting. Chop Shop: Tweaked percentage from 20% to 33% that police will be called during chopping by an NPC. Bug Fixes Weather: Fixed an issue where whether would could not be set (admin) NPCs: Removed a duplicate NPC which hid behind Launder Lady. Chop Shop: Selling final products to Stanley will now pay out in marked bills, instead of clean money.
  8. The time of day has been increased, we're now investigating the interest rate and payout.
  9. Psihusky


    Highlights Car Thief Thug Mission: The first of many great missions to come! The car thief mission will replace the Illegal Imports with a more mission styled approach. Check out the Car Thief Thug guide on how to get started. Improvements Tweets/Bleets: Tweets renamed to Bleets to be more lore friendly (/tweet will still work). Blips: Added a blip to Slag Canyon Steel Works to make it stand out more. Blips: Added a blip to Humane Labs to make it stand out more. Firefighter Job: Added new firefighter actions, blips & vehicle spawners to El Burro Heights, Rockford Hills, Paleto Bay, and LSIA fire stations. Firefighter Job: Added ambulances to vehicle garage for firefighters. Discord Bot: Improved layout of Discord Bot Messages Noclip: Improved movement of noclip (admin only) World Time: World time is now server based to ensure correct time is displayed for all players. AI Dispatch: Increased stability in the AI Dispatch, still requires further testing. Screen to Discord: Added /std, /instagram, /screenshot, /gram commands to activate Screen to Discord. Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks Scoreboard: Player names now show again in the scoreboard due to community feedback. Dirty Money/Marked Bills: Dirty money has been renamed to Marked Bills, which makes it more obvious it's nature. You can still convert this to clean money. Revive/Bleed Out: Increased bleeding out from 10 minutes to 15 minutes. World Time: World time now increments at 10 real life seconds to 1 in-game hour based on community feedback, this will allow better opportunities for roleplay and functions moving forward. Illegal Imports: Removed illegal imports as it's now replaced by the Car Thief Mission. Auto Dispatch: Moved auto dispatch to top right of the screen. Bug Fixes Screen To Discord: Screen To Discord has now been fixed, and should work as intended. Phone: Fixed an issue where the phone would not play a notification sound when receiving a new message. Weapon Shop: Buying legal items (not weapons) from Ammu-Nation should now take clean money, not dirty money. Raven Slaughterhouse: Fixed an issue where the Raven Slaughterhouse to sell meat & leather was overlapping on the Hunting icon. Firefighter Job: Fixed a bug where if fire stations didn't have a helipad, they would fail to load. Ambulance Job: Fixed a bug where if hospitals didn't have a helipad, they would fail to load. Police Job: Fixed a bug where the police menu failed to load due to a typo in the BAC tester. Jewel Fencer Blip: Fixed jewelry sell point showing as "Custody Dropoff" on the map, now displays Jewel Fencer. Auto Dispatch: Fixed an issue where Backlot City displayed as Richard Majestics, and Puerto Del Sol would display as La Puerta. HUD: Fixed an issue where Backlot City displayed as Richard Majestics, and Puerto Del Sol would display as La Puerta.
  10. Psihusky


    Highlights Vespucci Police Department: Bringing law enforcement roleplay to the next level with the Vespucci Police Department (VESP) by UncleJust#0001. Blood & Bullets Analyzing: Police can now see, pickup and analyze blood & bullet casings they find at scenes and bring them back to Vespucci Police Department's Crime Laboratory for analyzing. Improvements Tweets/Bleets: Tweets renamed to Bleets to be more lore friendly (/tweet will still work). Bleets: Bleets now output to their own Discord channel #ig-bleeter Advertisements: Ads now output to their own Discord channel #ig-advertisements Advertisements: Ads now automatically show the phone number from the character. UI: Show money & bank balance using the standard GTA UI. Logging: Improved administrative logging. AI Density: Made AI density dynamic based on time of day, including rush hour & night. ATMs: Added ATMs to Vespucci Police Department VESP: Added elevator to Vepsucci Police Department Police: Added ability for police to now breath test players Ammu-Nation: Added temporary shop next to weapon shop to purchase items which shouldn't require a license (this will be integrated into the menu later) Adjustments, Changes, Tweaks Scoreboard: We revised how the scoreboard is displayed to prevent occurrences of metagaming that we observed where some players were using this to count the number of police, or avoid asking for a mechanic. To counter this, you should be tweeting your requests or using your phone to contact. Voice Issue Detection: Tweaked wording on this to better correlate to the actual setting's name. Screenshot to Discord: We've disabled /screenshottodiscord as a FiveM update has broken this. We'll look to resolve this in the future. Bug Fixes Interaction Menu: Fixed putting on/taking off accessories in the interaction menu. Accessories Menu: Removed the 'k' menu which conflicted with seatbelt & holster animations. World - Ferris Wheel: Found the missing ferris wheel which disappeared one update. Auto Dispatch: Improved witness detection where some random objects were calling 911. Vehicle Customization: Fixed a bug where 'police' cars were not able to be modified in Los Santos Customs. Garages: Fixed modded liveries not saving correctly when storing your vehicle in the garage. Connections: Fixed an issue which prevented players from being able to connect.
  11. Changed Status to Long Term
  12. This is something we do want to have, but at this current time is not possible due the way vehicles are saved & how inventories are handled. The existing scripts (though not ideal), save everything via the vehicle's plate. Removing the plate, would result in major issues with this. We're looking at ways we an achieve this, but this probably won't happen for a long time until we re-write a lot of the framework.
  13. Kinda cool, I like this idea.

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