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  1. i agree - however people who have mental problems - they should seek GP or someone to talk - i will happy to offer support for people who needs it - i am here to listen and talk :3
  2. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww well you can always ask me if you need help with it - but you can always have project ideas - dont let woodland county die but you can shrink to diamnondback lake - that would be idea also i might take over lightining cause i am looking to expand - replacing my homestead atm and fivem sounds good but i dont have game yet
  3. awww hugs all - but i am sure Psihusky tried be best so what you will be around on SL?
  4. the big problem is someone say no teleporting however i am aware of this - sometimes i need tp from sim to FD quickly but i think i need create this rule as i had talked to Admins regarding it let me quote: Special Characters and 3.4. Powergaming and not least 3.1. Always Roleplay - those rules dont make no telporting rule however so i decided to throw this up to discuss and debate howver people dont realise about those rules eg they might get yelled at for no teleporting for example i tp from lightining to Diamondback lake at FD as non rp teleport and gotten yelled at however i have seen some people teleport right there few times but issue is when someone sees and say OH no teleporting then they get punished for it example yelling at someone and reporting to admins or such my propsal is No teleporting to fire scenes or in progress RP - this would be example: from Fire department to fire scene or any active rp - this will be probited that going to teleport teleport is ok when you are in streest (not rping) or at home or from workplace) or from OOC area (welcome centre to other sims) i have seen no teleporting rule in very few sims but its very rarely enforced in most rp sims - but only enforced in rp scenes where fire chief or Admin is present or other members free to discuss or debate - i want see ideas about this
  5. What is the suggestion: on this map - there is outdated Isolated heights map - hasnt changed since new update has changed the part of IH sim What are the advantages? (List each in new line) updated map What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) none Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? How would you go about implementing this idea? map needs updated also changes to other maps to match any changes that is coming
  6. thanks PSI - well i might amend bit more (dropping the requirment for 1 firefighter be present) and adding 60 minute burn out timer so if fire is left unattended and no firefighters present - its should be have timer to auto burn out so up 60 minutes then auto burns out as long there is no other child fires present
  7. Small Fires the rule states no firefighters Vehicles, small buildings without anyone inside, sheds, and similar places may be targeted with arson without firefighters available assuming the fire remains contained. my suggestion is least 1 firefighter available and on duty if fire spreads so my amended text shows Vehicles, small buildings without anyone inside, sheds, and similar places may be targeted with arson with least 1 firefighters available assuming the fire remains contained.
  8. i have seen alot of drama so i am going suggestion to add the sentence under - 2.15. Not Here To Roleplay or under new rule - No drama rule within general rules of woodland county or create single rule for all services (forums, gaming, Discord, GTA) Causing prolonged dramas (discord or forums or Inworld) punishment: permanent removal and NO appeal for this behavior reason behind this is there lately spates of behavior in world and forums - as i had experinced/seen in other rp sims where No drama rule has been enforced which says if you cause drama - you are out no buts or ifs - if they try to cause prolong drama on any form such forums or Discord - they will be banned from it no expections also NO appeal for those causing prolonged drama - to keep people from harm of drama also protects woodland county and services from any more issues its right for people to have peaceful and enjoyable i would consider this rule covers all of services to stop drama from happening - example: i dont not want see drama flare up in discord then flares in in world so no drama rule will deal with them very servere meaning person who causing issues will be removed from all services and banned permantly - eg no access to appeal
  9. something i noticed - in group chat in world said from rules section 6.2 its very confusing - which one is correct? - i believe the rule needs revised to match the first message that was broadcasting in group chat
  10. i found some sections with some wording needs be amended section 7 - note section says the section is belongs to vehicles - so the note should be These are the vehicle rules which are in place to maintain order and stability in the server. section 3.5 should be Deathmatching is prohibited
  11. i agree with your suggestion - regarding afking - i noticed one person standing front of of FD on yard however had no tags so i would suggest revising afking rule to cover the workplaces and roadways - eg standing in yards where constant movemements of vehicles might bump afk person off could be cause problems - each workplace have lounge room example FD has lounge room at back of FD buidling so where afk people can use it if they cant get to her or his home quickly but other areas inside workplace might be used example offices can be place to afk but vehicele bays or car parking isnt right place to afk in it because if person stands on bay path of vehicle which is causes problems for it the 7 day supsendison for afking is harsh - i would suggest - first warn then 3 day suspendsion
  12. What is the suggestion: adjust the fuel pump to rotate 90 degrees or move slightly to left to make more easier for fire trucks (old fuel station had this which was easier to pull up to pumps) What are the advantages? (List each in new line) gives a more clearance for fire trucks to pull in and leave What are the disadvantages? (List each in new line) None Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? here showing fire truck is bit awkward because cars on both sides making parking to pumps are bit hard there isnt enough clearance for fire truck to carefully pulling in to pump if we had two trucks on refuelling the problem is we have to back one truck backwards for left side pump to access to fuel hole for pump on left side How would you go about implementing this idea? i would suggest the pumps too be moved left and/or rotated 90 to make entry and exit easier for large vehicles in and out like old fuel station had
  13. rsd58 Congrejo


    What is the suggestion: Hosptial What are the advantages? to make rp better and deliver patients to hosptial What are the disadvantages? no medical staff in hosptial Do you have any resources (images, links, references) to support our staff in making said suggestion? How would you go about implementing this idea? well i would give a suggestion - a very small hosptial - all operated by NPC then amblance would drop off the patient off at hosptial allowing to complete rp in some rp places - if no medical staff present - patients dropped off and ends rp there instead fading to black somewhere because i rped today with MVA accident and wasnt aware of hosptial was gone (burned down) if its was replaced with new hosptial its would be better to have medical rps and MVA accidents
  14. i like it - re about 2nd question - Keep it just for Woodland County - its good idea

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