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Victoria Police - Videos

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Just for something different, I'm going to post some Victoria Police (Australia) videos that they've been putting out recently to give information to the public.

What I'm hoping will come from this is:

  • WCPF will be able to learn new things
  • WCPF will be implement some things they find useful or interesting
  • WCPF may issue some PSA (Public Service Announcements), Advertising, PR Events, Videos, etc.
  • This in no means WCPF should act or behave like Victoria Police, it's just to spark people's creativity and ideas.
  • Woodland Citizens will will learn new things
  • Woodland Citizens will hold WCPF to standards and expectations
  • Woodland Citizens may be interested in joining the WCPF to help implement the new ideas or gain interest in Policing.
  • Woodland Criminals may get ideas of things to do (both IC and OOC ways to help Police with the leads, i.e. leaving the right evidence as opposed to no evidence or too little, that would get missed and thus have no outcome).

Some of these videos will be old & new, there's no set schedule on them, so make sure to follow the topic to keep up to date.

Feel free to comment on any of the videos also, or any questions. :)

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