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Priority Zero Gaming - Staff Code of Conduct

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Priority Zero Gaming
Staff Management

Staff Code of Conduct


Priority Zero Gaming believes in transparency and a fair gaming experience within it's community. In order to create an abuse-free environment a Code of Conduct has been established for staff team. This Code of Conduct has been made publicly available to members of the community to have a better understanding.

Priority Zero Gaming Mission

The Priority Zero Gaming mission is to provide a safe, fair and fun gaming experience to gamers.

It is the responsibility of all employees to help achieve the mission of Priority Zero Gaming.

Priority Zero Gaming Values

In doing this, we support and reinforce Priority Zero Gaming values which provide that, in managing and performing our functions at all times, we will with:

  • INTEGRITY - I seek to be honest, trustworthy, authentic, humble, and transparent.
    • Act with honesty, respecting the right of fair process for all
    • Maintain confidentiality and respect those who we deal with
    • Demonstrate moral strength and courage
    • Behave with honor and impartiality
  • LEADERSHIP - I lead my best skills and ability to provide safe, reliable, and quality service.
    • Are approachable and consistent when dealing with colleagues, partners and the community
    • Apply fair process
    • Strongly commit to the values of the community
    • Guide, trust, develop and empower others
    • Make timely decisions that are guided by both values and evidence
    • Inspire participation and commitment through a shared vision
  • RESPECT - I listen to understand and treat everyone fairly.
    • Accept diversity with tolerance and understanding
    • Listen with patience, value opinions and provide feedback
    • Are appreciative of and acknowledge the efforts of others
    • Consider our internal and external customers
    • Inspire confidence through ethical and fair treatment of others
  • FLEXIBILITY - I work alongside others to achieve results.
    • Are open minded and adaptive to change
    • Adopt an attitude of continuous improvement
    • Encourage creativity
    • Build partnerships with our community
    • Welcome difference
    • Practice tolerance
  • PROFESSIONALISM - I apply my best skills and ability to provide safe, reliable, and quality service.
    • Accept responsibility, show commitment and lead by example
    • Achieve and contribute to the professional knowledge pool
    • Are accountable to both our internal and external customers
    • Maintain high personal standards, taking pride in our conduct
    • Communicate openly, honestly and consistently
    • Are transparent in our delivery and strive for service excellence

Code of Ethics

We commit to the highest ethical standards for Priority Zero Gaming's entire workforce. This commitment is espoused in our code of ethics.


I uphold the right in my role within Priority Zero Gaming by acting impartially, with integrity and by providing service excellence to everyone.

Guide to Ethical Decision Making

Every day we make choices, supporting our community. We all have a role to play for the care of our community. You recognize where we have opportunities to improve and to work as a team for the benefit of our community.  The consequences of our action or inaction is important.

We always try to do what is right but there may be times when the right choice isn't clear. If that ever happens, begin by asking yourself:

  1. Does the action align with our values?
  2. Is it legal?
  3. Does it follow our policies?
  4. Does it benefit Priority Zero Gaming and our members?
  5. Would I be comfortable if my action was shared in the news or on social media?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions or the answer still isn’t clear, stop and take a step back. Before you take any action, get advice from your manager or ask questions. Remember, it is always best to ask before you act.

Requirement to Comply

Every employee of Priority Zero Gaming is required to comply with our Code of Conduct.  If it appears you have not complied with our code, you can expect to be asked to explain your actions.  If your conduct does not involve an honest mistake, you may face disciplinary action.

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