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Priority Zero Gaming - Rules: Administration Team (1.0)

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Priority Zero Gaming
Staff Management

Rules: Administration Team


Priority Zero Gaming believes in transparency and a fair gaming experience within it's community. In order to create an abuse-free environment rules have been established for this team. These rules have been made publicly available to members of the community to have a better understanding on what can and cannot be done by this team.

1. Becoming a member of the Administration Team

New Members:  Members of the community are welcome to apply to the administration team after 1 month of being an active member in the community.  You will possess a fair amount of activity and experience in any roleplay field.  Your behaviour must be outstanding which will be proven via your player history.  You must also show respect to Priority Zero Gaming's mission and values.

Re-instatements:  If the community member was an administrator in the past for any of Priority Zero Gaming's entities and left on good grounds, they can reinstate in a position one lower than their rank upon leaving.  Exceptions can be made when sufficient reasoning is given before leaving.

2. Hierarchy & Chain of Command

Priority Zero Gaming consists of several ranks, each with different duties and perks.  We follow this hierarchy to ensure swift communication, delegation and accountability.

The team can be split into two major groups which are the Administration Team, Management Team.  The Administration Team is responsible for the day-to-day management of the server and players.  While the Management Team is responsible for the management of the server including rules, staff reports and recruitment.

The Community Management Team is responsible for the oversight of the community, forums, rules, staff and recruitment.

3. Handling Reports

The Administration Team is responsible for the correct handling of requests made by community members.  These requests range from potential abuse being reported, to general support being requested.  All requests are equally important, only the complexity can vary.

An Administrator may only accept a report that they can handle.  Accepting and closing requests which you cannot handle is strictly forbidden.  However, messaging a community member that their request cannot be taken for the moment due to lack of a specific kind of staff at the moment, is permitted.  When a request has been taken accidentally, the administrator should send a message to the community member to let them know it was a mistake and unassign themselves from the request.

Administrators should also refrain from handling reports in which they are involved in.  This includes themselves, and their faction, if it involves the faction as a whole.  Reports about a specific faction member may be handled, if the staff member can assure the community member they will remain neutral.

Administrators involved in the situation must always post their version of the story or post their view on the situation.

When these requests are not being handled fast enough, it is the task of the Management Team to assign administrators who are able to handle the report or handle it themselves.  Administrators who fail to respond to a request assigned to them after 7 days may result in an infraction.  If an administrator is unable to handle this report, they must notify the assignee so thaty it can be reassigned and handled.

Community members are encouraged to contact a member of the Management Team if their request has not been responded to after 7 days.

Community members may not request a specific administrator to handle a certain request, neutrality has to come from both sides.

4. Punishing & Education

The Administration Team is expected to handle requests & reports in a fair way, this includes education & punishing.

Priority Zero Gaming prefers education over punishment, however does not exclude punishment as an option.  The administrator may determine case by case if education / a warning is not sufficient.

A community member may only be punished if:

  1. An offense occurs in accordance with the community or server rules,and;
  2. sufficient evidence of the offense is found and;
  3. if they have not been punished for it yet. 

Specific punishment times or actions are not set on any offense, as the administrator is to handle each issue as it is.

Administrators may also not punish other staff members. Staff members can only be punished by the Community Management Team.

If an administrator has punished a community member in an excessive way, they may receive an infraction.  The community member should report this via a "Staff Report", which is only viewable by the Community Management Team to assure confidentiality.

5. Voiding Roleplay

The Administration Team have the right to void roleplay if the situation is deemed to complex or unsolvable.  If two players accuse each other of certain actions and neither party can provide consistent evidence, the administrator has the right to void a roleplay scene and issue both players to go on their own way.  Voiding roleplay scenes should be limited to a minimum.

6. Action Reports

The Administration Team must keep a log of their actions, including warnings, kicks, ejections and bans, including evidence with as much detail as possible.  This aids other Administrators and Management in follow-up decisions and ensures integrity.

A community member may only request the reason for their ban that matches the rules.  They are not permitted to any other information, such as the initial reporter, private notes, evidence, etc.

7. Community & Server Rules

The Administration Team are expected to have full knowledge of the rules of Priority Zero Gaming and the Server they are Administrating.  They are to set an example for new and experienced players.  Fulfilling the rule goes further than learning the rules and understanding them, but includes looking to enhance them, contributing to discussions, and bettering the community.

Failing to follow the rules can lead to an immediate termination in extreme cases.

8. Server-wide Commands & Actions

The Administration Team must keep the usage of commands and actions which affect the whole server to an absolute minimum.  Actions which can create lag or interfere with active roleplay, that can break the immersion are to be only performed in low-no population moments.


This document is subject to change without notice.

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